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שיתוף פעולה מיוחד וחדשני בין היוצרות-רקדניות אדוה ירמיהו ומרים פרץ.


השתיים הכירו דרך חבר משותף ומיד התחברו מתוך אהבתן למחקר הגוף והרצון לחפש שילוב בין הסגנונות השונים. שתיהן, כל אחד בסגנון שלה, בקיאות בצורתה המסורתית של האומנות. אדוה בעולם הפלמנקו ומרים בעולם הפרסי. בנפרד וביחד, חוקרות במקביל לתנועה המסורתית, עולם תנועתי חדשני ושונה.

הדואט הינו פרי של עבודה אינטנסיבית ומחקר פיזי/תנועתי בדגש על יחסים.


בכורה עלתה כחלק במופע Madre , שיצרה מרים במחסן 2, ת"א-יפו,  במרץ 2015.


























ריקוד וניהול אמנותי: אדוה ירמיהו ומרים פרץ


מוסיקה: Chick Corea  


צילום סטילס מופע: נטשה שחנס, שמוליק בלמס ושולמית בושנסקי.



Miriam Peretz

 is an internationally acclaimed performing artist and instructor specializing in traditional dances from the Silk Road & Middle East, as well as ethno-contemporary dance and various sacred dance forms.  She was a principal dancer with Inbal Ethnic Dance Theater (Tel Aviv,) Wan Chao Dance Company (Bay Area,) and served as assistant artistic director of Ballet Afsaneh (Bay Area) for five years.  Miriam has also been a principal dancer, choreographer, and lead instructor with Ballet Afsaneh over the past ten years.  During her years living in the Bay Area Miriam has developed a strong student following and has imparted a love for Central Asian dance in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Miriam has been a featured soloist in festivals throughout the U.S. and Europe.  She was selected as a soloist for the highly acclaimed San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival June 2005, and again June, 2008.  Miriam has performed with many acclaimed master musicians including; Amir Shahsar, Pezhham Akhavass, Abbos Kosimov, Habib Qaderi, and Sonja Drakulich of Stellamara.


As an instructor, Miriam has a reputation for being a highly dynamic and inspiring teacher, offering students the opportunity for self-growth, personal healing and intense physical challenge.  Her students often continue to study with her after many years, as she continues to find innovative ways to challenge them.  Miriam holds a B.A. in performing arts with a dance emphasis from Saint Mary’s College of California, and is a certified Pilates instructor.


Miriam’s love of dance has led her on a life long journey taking her throughout the Middle East and Central Asia.  Miriam has studied with master teachers from around the world and done intensives in Tajikistan, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, and Israel.  She studied for three years at the Jerusalem Academy of Oriental Music and Dance where she focused on percussion, music theory, and Central Asian dance with Galia Akilov.  Miriam completed an artist residency in Dushanbe, Tajikistan working with Padida Dance Theater.  These opportunities for cultural collaboration have given her great inspiration to find ways the arts can help build bridges and create respect, love and unity among people of different backgrounds and spiritual traditions.


Miriam is the creator and director of the “Miriam’s Well project”, an interfaith performance collaboration exploring sacred dance, music, and spirituality from the Muslim, Christian, and Jewish traditions.


Miriam's current projects include the development of a Dance Art Sanctuary that will be a home to the many diverse class offerings she teaches, as well as a center for many other dance forms, body healing modalities, monthly rituals, and community gatherings. She also is planting a seed for starting her own dance company.