Creator, Artistic Director, choreography and Dance:

Adva Yermiyahu

Partners for creation and Performers:

Original music and Guitar : "el Fyty" (Spain)

Singing: Alicia Acuña (Spain)

Contrabass: Gal Maestro (Israel)

International Producer: Giselle Daye

Tel: +972-50-7817779


Dramaturgy counseling: Ira Avneri

Lighting designer: Rotem Alroy

Sound designer: Yair Rahamim

Costume designer: Yaela Lugassy

Stage designer: Yaela Lugassy- Adva Yermiyahu

Choreography ‘la Tierra’: Michal Benlior-Adva Yermiyahu

Photographer: Anat Elaluf, Natasha Shakness. Adi Alon

Text translation: Veronica Michaeli

video: Yonathan Zur

Executive Producer: Aya Gavriel


“MA” Impresionante creación de Advá y Alicia


'Ma' is a Japanese term whose meaning is 'space', 'void', 'pause'. Ma represents the space between two structural parts – it suggests a symbol of balance between one and the other.

Flamenco is a style of music and dance originating from the region of Andalusia in southern Spain. It allows for a deep and authentic connection with the most inherent human feelings and instincts, and therefore it is considered by Flamenco artists as much more than an art genre – it is a way of life.

Ma is a Flamenco visual performance created by Adva Yermiyahu, who successfully implements an artistic and innovative fusion between a set of values, images and concepts from two contrasting cultures. In fact, Yermiyahu decodes the most outstanding artistic expression of one culture (Flamenco) through the underlying philosophical principle of the other (Ma). Accordingly, she builds up a solid bond between different and distinctive worlds – traditional and contemporary Flamenco, visual theatre and performance, through which she creates a new, surprising and intriguing stage world.

Ma takes the spectator on a journey outside the world of flamenco, but it also brings him back straight to its sheer truth – a spirited and artistic experience in which moments of passion burst into the stage while moments of quietness act as a counterbalancing force, filling the viewers with a heightened sense of inspiration and excitement.


Show Length: 75 min

Tel: +972-523-284-171