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Duration: 60 min

Dance and Artistic management: Adi Movdat, Adi Akiva, Adva Yermiyahu, and Yael Tuchfeld
Guitar and Original Music: Jose Luis Medina
Singing: Pepe de Pura and Juanfran Carrasco
Percussion: Antonio Montiel
Lighting design: Rotem Elroy
Costume Design: Jose Galvan
Producer: Giselle Daye
Performance management: Aya Gabriel
Production: Leary Septon
Branding and Design: Noam Locker
Photography: Felix Vazquez, Adi Alon
Video photography: Lior Yitzhak
Editing Promo: Felix Vazquez


Four Israeli dancers. Four Spanish musicians.
One Artistic language that is infinity.
OCHO - In Spanish: Eight
In Numerology: The number eight is the symbol of infinity.


Common to most of the meanings of infinity is its perception as something whose content is greater than anything else and it's immeasurable. Between the starting point and the destination, there are countless intermediate points that can be disassembled into an infinite number of smaller and smaller parts, and each disassembly gives rise to a new assembly.

The show was created from personal emotional turning points that connected the four creators into one work of art. Adi Movdat, Adi Akiva, Adva Yermiyahu, and Yael Tuchfeld [winners of competitions in Spain and Israel ('Adi Foundation') over the years], have been living in Seville for years, where they perform, study, create and establish artistic collaborations, while developing international careers.

The show is a turning point in their creative development, and like flamenco and life, it is a process that will never end. 

There is no beginning and no end - there is away, and within it, we are in constant motion.



"Their dance is speech and singing, a mysterious but powerful drama ... it is rare to see an exciting flamenco show so free of all unnecessary extras, facial expressions that are not part of the dance and unnecessary dress waves" (Gabi Eldor, Stage website)
The full review of Gabi Eldor Stage

It takes eight to flamenco, The Jerusalem Post, Ori J. Lenkinski

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