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A Simple Vista

A Simple Vista

Bridging the gap between external observation and introspection, the dancers and choreographers Adi Movdat ("La Piconera") and Adva Yermiyahu bring a new dimension to the classic art of Flamenco.  Accompanied by singer Yehuda ("Shuki") Shveiki and Spanish guitarist "El Fyty", they create visual and musical images that peel off the external shell of Flamenco and reveal the true depth of this art.

Since 2015, A Simple vista was presented in Theaters all around Israel and festivals: Machol Lohet, Suzanne Dellal, Inbal Theater, Tel-Aviv, Fringe festival of Israel, Beer-Sheva, The Han Theater, Jerusalem.


"The show A simple vista is a promising landmark for the beginning of a fascinating journey into the codes and images of flamenco ..." ,Idit Suslik, Achbar Hai'r

Duration: 60 min

Dance-Direction: Adi Movdat and Adva Yermiyahu

Guitar: "El Fyty"

Singing: Yehuda ("Shuki") Shvieki

Guest Artist – Double Bass: Ofri Yavzori

Production: Adva Yermiyahu

Producer: Aya Gavriel

Graphic Design: Avigdor Or

Photography: Lourdes  Rodríguez, Natasha  Shakhnes

Technical Rider
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