Flamenco as a Space of Possibilities

Dr. Idit Suslik , The Contemporary Eye

"Renewal of tradition, and back. In the intermediate space created by Yermiyahu ... Flamenco is first and foremost a color palette of possibilities"

Jorge Sanchez, Jondoweb.com

Adva Yermiyahu is a very talented choreographer ... she has a promising future"

Adva Yermiyahu premieres Espacio Potencial

Chiquita, Aurora

Interview with Roni Neumark

Night News, Kan 11, from 19:23 to 25 min

A dream after death

Kan News, Kan 11


It takes eight to flamenco

The Jerusalem Post, Ori J. Lenkinski

"In flamenco performance, there is a very clear hierarchy of who is on stage. There are the ensemble dancers, the musicians, the singers and the soloists."

Street Theatre Festival

Dana Herman, Channel One News

"A flamenco dancer that stops the street and creates a huge traffic-jam because you just can't take your eyes off her."


Po-Sham, Dr. Idit Suslik

"Adva Yermiyahu's work, "Camino" (in Spanish: journey), utilizes the street to reexamine the relationship between artists and spectator in the history of flamenco… the repositioning of the three elements of flamenco - song, guitar and dance - from the stage to the street, creates an unmediated encounter with the movement and sound, and actually returns the spectators to their traditional role in flamenco: they are transformed form audience to an active community that surrounds the artists, while supporting the performance by clapping and cheering and engaging in it emotionally."

Eight - teasing flamenco

Gabi Eldor, Habama

Gabi Eldor was thrilled by the collaboration between four dancers

“MA” Impressive creation of Adva and Alicia

Chiquita, Aurora

In between Mode – Adva Yermiyahu

Merav Yudilovich, Habama

The art of flamenco and the fiery Israeliness

Gil Naveh , Haaretz Gallery

Dr. Idit Suslik , Achbar Ha'ir

The show A simple vista is a promising landmark for the beginning of a fascinating journey into the codes and images of flamenco... "

A discourse of power, romance and passion


Through flamenco

Daniel Lotan, Gal Geffen

Siegel Tartner, Vitrina

"We were privileged to watch one of the most interesting and exciting flamenco shows seen here recently"

Yavnei Pride

Sharon Meirovich, MyYavne

Natalie Baruch, Prestige Portal

"The two dancers are wonderful ... together they are a winning combination."

Jose Luis Navarro, El Eco de la Memoria

"Adva stood out especially... She danced bulerias for her solo. She has a flexible body, she controls the compass and has a passion for dance".

Flamenco drives the streets of Tel Aviv crazy

Oren Shani, NRG

A different flamenco experience

Tal Gordon, Habama

The Israeli connection - Conversations with Israelis abroad

Eliyahu Ben-On, Reshet-Bet

Adva Yermiyahu: Soul Dancer

Lee Hadad, Yavne Portal

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