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Adva Yermiyahu

An independent artist working between traditional and contemporary flamenco, dance, performance, and Visual Theater.


Adva is a flamenco artist, dancer, teacher, choreographer, and a part of the Choreographers foundation of Israel. She is a graduate of The School of Visual Theatre and David Yellin College (Jerusalem, Israel). The winner of the 2011 Israeli flamenco competition hosted by the "Adi Foundation", the recipient of the Jerusalem Foundation Prize for 2013, and the Minister of Culture Award for young artists in Dance for 2019.

Since 2016 she is the director of the Israeli flamenco competition hosted by the "Adi Foundation" and the Artist director of Flamenco Fusion in Ashdod.


Since 2008 Adva divides her time between Seville and Tel-Aviv, continues to artistically collaborate and perform throughout Spain, Switzerland, Costa Rica, China, U.S.A, and Israel, with leading artists, flamenco dancers, and musicians from around the world.


Espacio Potencial - Colaboration with Manuel Cazas and Abel Harana, 'Todo sobre España' Festival, Jerusalem, Elma Theater, Zichron Yaakov 2019

Ocho - Colaboration Spain – Israel, Flamenco Days Festival, Tel-aviv 2018

Ma- Colaboration with Alicia Acuña, ‘Fyty’ Carillo, Tmuna Festival, Tel-Aviv, International Conference "Performance 0:6 – Twilight, 2017, Estrénate - Cicus, Sevilla, Spain, Machol Shalem, Jerusalen, 2018, Flamencos y Mestizos, Madrid 2019

Tablao Mediterrane - Colaboration with Alicia Acuña, ‘Fyty’ Carillo and Fernando Maya, Mediterranee Festival, Ashdod 2017

Camino – A Site-Specific Flamenco performance, International Street Theater & Art Festival, Bat-Yam, Acco-The international fringe theater festival, Fringe festival of Israel, Beer-Sheva, Tower of David, Jerusalem and The first station, Jerusalem,


Potential Space - Collaboration with Alicia Acuña (Spain), Women festival, Holon, 2016

Bata-Bits – flamenco/performance - Library Night- Zira, Jerusalem, a special adaptation for the Living statues festival, Rehovot, 2015-2017

A Simple vista - Collaboration with Adi Movdat and ‘Fyty’ Carillo, Inbal Theater Tel-Aviv, Han Theater, Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv Dance Festival, FringFest Beer-Sheva, White Night festival, Ashdod, 2015-2016

Persona[L] – performance, International Conference "Performance 0:4 - Pedagogy", The School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem, 2015

LasFlamencas – Colaboration with Diego Guerrero and Ricardo Moreno,  Mediterranee Festival, Ashdod, Madre de mi Alma - Women festival, Holon, 2015

De Ida y Vuelta - Givatayim Theater, 2010

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