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Espacio Potencial

Espacio Potencial

Potential Space is a term coined by psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott, refers to the liminal space of an experience that lies between reality and fantasy--without these poles interfering with each other or making a choice between them. Espacio Potencial (Potential Space) is a special collaboration with guitarist and musical director Manuel Cazas and guest dancer Abel Harana, represents an attempt to structure the performance following a visual-formal guiding principle, thus expanding the essence of traditional flamenco beyond its’ function as a musical dialogue between three basic elements - song, guitar, and dance.

At the center of the show are the elements of flamenco: singing, guitar, and dancing-- all complimented by a uniquely designed tail dress by Yaala Lugassy. The encounter between traditional flamenco song and dance combined with principles from contemporary art forms generates a potential space that explores the dialogue between contrasting elements - static and movement, intimate and public, tension and relaxation, art and life, performer and spectator.

With original music by Manuel Cazás, the work invites us to deepen familiar musical relationships and traditional flamenco singing, while simultaneously re-examining time as a mechanism to transport them to different worlds of ethnic music: as explored through uncharacteristic rhythms of 5 and 9.

Potential Space combines traditional and contemporary flamenco, creating an innovative, intriguing, and surprisingly scenic world.

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Flamenco as a Space of Possibilities, The Contemporary Eye – Dr. Idit Suslik 

Adva Yermiyahu premieres Espacio Potencial, Chiquita, Aurora

Duration: 60 min

Original music, musical director, and guitarist: Manuel Cazas

Guest Dancer: Abel Harana

Double bass: Gal Maestro

Singer: Yehuda 'Shuky' Shveiky

Percussion: Maayan Doari

Artistic Director, Choreography and dance: Adva Yermiyahu

Costume design: Yeela Lugassy & Pilar Cordero
Photography: Natasha Shakhnes, Michal Menczer

Technical Rider
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