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Tablao Flamenco

Tablao Flamenco

Flamenco is a music and dance style originating in Andalucia, southern Spain.

It enables a deep and authentic connection to basic feelings and instincts, and therefore is perceived by those who engage in it as more than art - it is a way of life.

In its basic essence, it emerges as an act of artistic communication in real time between three inseparable elements - singing, music and dance.

TABLAO FLAMENCO is a sweeping, moving and energetic Flamenco show combining singing, guitar, percussion and dancing, presenting the art in its authentic form, as it is currently performed in Spain.

Since 2010, Adva Has performed more then 100 times with Tablao Flamenco all over the world: Spain, Costa Rica, U.S.A, Switzerland, China, Israel.

Duration: 60 min

Dance and Artistic management: Adva Yermiyahu
Photography: Alex Apt, Natasha Shaknes, Shmulik Balmas, Tomer Foltyn, Yakir Meir Perez

Technical Rider
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