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A Site-Specific Flamenco Performance

Camino - in Spanish: road, path, journey.

Camino is a conceptual and concrete experiment that changes the spatial definitions of flamenco: it places the artistic event which was previously performed in intimate settings within the public sphere of the street. As a result, the various components of the promenade - a wooden deck, trees, a staircase, and the crowds of people - are all embedded in the artistic event and become an active part of it.

For its world premiere at the Bat-Yam International Festival of Street Theatre and Art, Camino was designed as a 20-minute spatial journey of three performers - two male singer-guitarists and a female dancer - across a 70-meter wooden deck located in the Bat-Yam promenade. It begins spontaneously, from within the ongoing/natural occurrences on the site, and gradually draws the attention of the people, ultimately turning them into travel partners who move across the deck alongside the artistic event.

During 2015-2017, Camino was adapted and presented more than 30 times in different spaces and festivals: Acco-The international fringe theater festival, Fringe festival of Israel, Beer-Sheva, Tower of David, and The first station, Jerusalem and Fringe festival Ashdod.


"Adva Yermiyahu's work, "Camino" (in Spanish: journey), utilizes the street to reexamine the relationship between artists and spectator in the history of flamenco… the repositioning of the three elements of flamenco - song, guitar, and dance - from the stage to the street, creates an unmediated encounter with the movement and sound, and actually returns the spectators to their traditional role in flamenco: they have transformed from audience to an active community that surrounds the artists while supporting the performance by clapping and cheering and engaging in it emotionally." (Dr. Idit Suslik, po-sham)

"A flamenco dancer that stops the street and creates a huge traffic-jam because you just can't take your eyes off her." Dana Herman, Channel One News

Duration: 20-30 min

Created and Performed by Adva Yermiyahu

Artistic Collaborators and Performers: 
Yehuda "Shuki" Shveky, Ofir Atar, Eti Guri

Premiere: the Bat-Yam International Festival of Street Theatre and Art, August 2015

Costume Design: Yeela Lugasi
Executive Producer: Aya Gabriel
Video: Yonatan Swed
Text: Idit Suslik
Photographers: Natasha Shakhnes, shulamit bushinsky, Uri Rubinstein, Yonatan Swed

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