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The Site-specific version

The Site-specific version

In its Site-specific version, the creation is nourished by the physical space in which it is performed and therefore moves, evolves, and is constantly changing according to its architectural, sonic, and spatial characteristics.
 The audience is invited to be a part of the show, to change its location, perspective, closeness, and relationship with the performers and space at any given time.

The Site-specific version was presented in several different spaces and each time was specially adapted:
The first time was Adva's final project at the School of Visual, Theater, Jerusalem, in 2004. Space was a white square gallery with halls and windows. Singing and Guitar: Yehuda 'Shuky' Shveiky and Ofir Atar.

In 2015, she open the Gala show of the 'Flamenco Days' festival. Presenting the work in the gap between the front row and the stage of the Suzanne Dellal Theater, Tel Aviv. Singing Yehuda 'Shuky' Shveiky and Eti Guri.

A special premiere was presented in 2016, for the opening of the Women's Festival in Holon, at the Meditech Hall. Adva used the various floors of the building, the elevator, the stairs, the main path, and the stage. A special collaboration with Spanish artist Alicia Acuña and Israeli singer Miriam Levy.

Link to the full version: Espacio Potencial

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